Image Source: Bollywood Life

The news of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ divorce became viral on the internet, and there have been several rumours regarding what caused their split ever since. The most recent theory linking Sophie and Joe’s separation to their ex-sister-in-law and Bollywood superstar, Priyanka Chopra, is that she was constantly compared to her. According to allegations in Cosmopolitan, a source told the publication that the Game of Thrones actress was suffering greatly as a result of the continuous comparisons to the Bollywood star. The Jonases’ continual comparisons were giving Sophie a lot of frustation.

According to reports, Sophie didn’t object to the comparison at first because the Jonas family wanted Joe to get settled down like Nick Jonas because they are the same age. However, Sophie later decided to end her career because she felt that, at only 27, she hadn’t really lived her life to the fullest and had spent all of her good and young years working.

Sophie and Joe through a joint statement mentioned the news of their separation, “Statement from the two of us: ‘After four wonderful years of marriage we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage. There are many speculative narratives as to why but, truly this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children.”

Contrary to what has been said, we have frequently seen Sophie and Priyanka acting more like best friends than lovers, and their social media presence is enough evidence of this.