Is “Virgin Diet” The Best Way To Lose Weight And Should You Try It Or Not

You must have heard of diet chart, yoga and various methods to lose weight and if you are trying to loose weight for a while now then you must have heard of the “Virgin Diet”. Do not worry we are going to tell you everything about the “Virgin diet”.

What is the Virgin Diet?


“Virgin Diet” is a book written by JJ Virgin CNS according to which the writer has claimed that anyone can lose seven pounds in seven days!! Amazing isn’t it ? Everyone thinks that it is probably another book which fools people. But won’t it be amazing if we really lose seven pounds in just a week? The Virgin diet was released in 2012 and it is beneficial and suitable for all age groups.

Foods To Literally Ignore!


There is a long list of food which you have to ignore if you want to lose seven pounds. These are peanuts, eggs, soy, dairy, corn, sugar, gluten and artificial sweeteners no matter how hard you want to eat them.

According to Nutrition and Weight Management Center- M.D Caroline Apovian “people following the guidelines may lose weight because they’re cutting out many food groups and focusing on what they put in their mouth, rather than eating mindlessly”.

Major Concerns Of The Virgin Diet


But there are certain major concerns surrounded this diet plan. There are various complaints about it on Amazon India.

One dieter stated, “I was so bored with the repetitive information and stories. It seemed I was being brainwashed. If I read the same thing over and over, then I would believe this information would work. Waste of time and way out there on losing 7 lbs in 7 days. Also getting repeated emails from the author wanting me to buy into her $200.00 plan.”

Another person mentioned, “Just finished the plan and did not lose any weight, nor did I feel better.”

The Bottom line is that instead of totally dropping gluten, dairy, eggs,soy, peanuts etc add some more veggies which the virgin diet emphasis on.

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