Waking up to a refreshing feeling is what gets us all going on a new day. However, if it isn’t the case with you then there is a good reason for you to check whether your favorite sleeping position is healthy for you or not.

So what exactly is the best posture to sleep in? Check out!

  • Sleeping On Your Back   This the the most suitable position to sleep in unless you snore loudly. Otherwise, this position supports your back and neck and helps to reduce and delay wrinkles.

Woman sleeping. Top view of beautiful young woman lying in bed and keeping eyes closed while covered with blanket

  • Sleeping On Your Left Or Right Side    Although this position is bad for face and breasts of women but it reduces acid reflux in the body as well as snoring. It is Okay for women who are pregnant.


  • Sleeping In Fetal Position  If this is your favorite position well, it is very unhealthy except for pregnant women. This position hampers your breathing by constricting your diaphragm and gives you joint pains.


  • Sleeping On Your Stomach  Again if this is your favorite position, its time for a switch. Sleeping on your stomach can give you joint and muscle pain. Since your head is positioned to the side, it can give you neck aches.
wake up
wake up