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High Life Is Your Long Distance Relationship Ride Going Off The Track?

Is Your Long Distance Relationship Ride Going Off The Track?

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Love happens when it is supposed to happen but for the love to grow, it is all about the the efforts one puts in. Love and Relationships are such plants which when watered regularly grow beautifully else weaken from roots each day to fall dead one day. And distance creates a major issue in acting as a barrier between the growth in a relationship. So if your relationship ride with your partner is going off the track, then it is high time you act upon it!

Establish The Trust

Issues are created when one loses trust in the partner because one might seem immediately unavailable to talk due to several professional commitments or other reasons. All thanks to bollywood and daily soaps for injecting the minds with the toxicant of ‘Suspicion’. There is no need to spy your partner especially when he/she is far away.

Decide On A Time To Talk

Accepting the reality that now time zones may vary or schedules may vary so calling your partner as and when you like can’t be done. Respecting other’s schedule, it is advisable to decide on a time which suits both and talk at that time. That will be the time when both will be equally indulged in the talk. Slowly, after it suits both of the partners, the routine of calls at the same time shall become a part of the schedule which will never be skipped.

Plan Small Surprises Or Gestures

Courier and Parcel Services are no less than pigeons who used to be old messangers of love. Sending flowers, short notes, greetings and even favorite food to your partner at their workplace or home will make them love you even more. Remember to know the ‘cool’ attitude of the office for the same. Some workplaces are so strict so this shall not seem apt and will hurt your partner all the more. So be careful!

Leave No Opportunity To Show Love

It is for the partners who have moved away! Just because you have shifted doesn’t mean that you now have the right to scream ‘Busy Busy’ all the time. Manage time and leave no opportunity to simply say ‘I love you’ to your partners who are already adjusting with the reality of separation due to distance.

Plan Short Visits

There is no harm in travelling some distance to meet your partner. The one on the other side too can move towards a distance. Steps from both sides can help to see each other and will not be a burden only on one. Do not promise to meet every weekend because the failure of plan hurts all the more. Think and plan it twice a month or as per the schedules. It is because in a hectic life, some weekends are meant for rest which is extremely necessary. A peaceful mind psychologically helps you love more and not become cranky. And if nothing works, plan video call meetings! These are the best these days!

Think upon these and do not let distance bother your love. Distances are just a phase to make you stronger day by day. The distances are just meant to make your love grow even deeper. Remember it is indeed a crucial time! If crossed this crucial time, then your love can win over any other issue.

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