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News Sports Ishant Sharma Accepts He Is A Bad Bowler In Shorter Formats

Ishant Sharma Accepts He Is A Bad Bowler In Shorter Formats

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It really takes a lot of courage to accept your weaknesses but without accepting them you can’t even improve them. That’s the thing what a real man can do and recently the example is has been given to us by the Indian pacer Ishant Sharma. who agreed to his mistakes and accepted that he really hasn’t played well in shorter formats.

Ishant Sharma bowling
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Ishant Sharma said that he realised his actual strength in the test series against Windies and without realising his strength, a person really can’t move on.

The cricketer has really made good memories and had big dreams in his eyes, he was actually good for the team at some times but somehow, his efforts still delivered very little.  In a recently held interview with BCCI, Ishant Sharma opened up about his weaknesses and strength and really shocked the country when he said these words, “You have to be honest to yourself and that makes it easier for you to accept things. I have to accept that I didn’t do well in shorter formats. But I am doing well in Tests and so I know what my strengths are. It’s important to know what your strengths are.

Ishant even compared himself with Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the interview and said that he can neither hope to replicate the bowling skills nor could copy their strengths.

Bhuvi (Bhuvneshwar Kumar)’s strength is swing but he can’t extract the bounce like I can do. Similarly, I can’t get the ball to swing like Bhuvi,” Ishant Sharma said.

Although the bowler has now accepted his weaknesses but he was able to play the role of a senior in a relatively young Indian squad.

Ishant Sharma interview
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I am sharing my experiences and hoping that what worked for me also work for them. But then they have to also identify their areas of strength.

The West Indies tour really created a lot of problems for the bowlers because of the ill-maintained ground and  totally beaten out pitch. This is what Ishant Sharma has said about the West Indies Tour, “You have to have enough overs under your belt. You have to work hard enough even if conditions are not favourable. It is easy to give up and say there’s nothing in the wicket so spinners will do the job and we will only try to hit the areas. It doesn’t work like that. Specially for me, as I like to go flat out whether it is my second or third spell. I love to give my hundred percent.

As soon as this news came, it went viral on social media and the comments of other cricketers are still to come.

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