High Life Travel This Island Hold A Strange Mystery From 80 Years That World Doesn't...

This Island Hold A Strange Mystery From 80 Years That World Doesn’t Know

Our world is full of mysteries! They are shocking and sometimes interesting to know. Something related to this has found in Australia after 80 years from a place called Ball’s pyramid.
Yes, the species of ‘tree lobsters’ which was supposed to extinct from the world was found or searched again in the year 2001. In 1978 the British Navy had searched this mountain which has a height of 1,844 feet. It is speculated that this place is known for having rare and special animals and insects.
Tree Lobsters were used to find there. It was speculating that around the year 1918 the species of this animal were got extinct. It was last seen in 1920. In the year 2001, two scientists started their journey on the ball’s Pyramid to find Tree Lobsters again. Approximately at the height of 500 ft they had found the Tree Lobster successfully.
This animal is around inches long, more than they expected. Currently, the scientists are working on to save the species of this animal.
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