Image Source: NDTV

Israel’s army reported that it had reclaimed control of the southern regions close to the Gaza Strip that were seized by Hamas on Saturday following two days of rocket attacks.

Military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said, “We are in control of the communities,” although also issued a warning that some Hamas personnel could still be present. Israel has reported that gunmen who crossed into its territory from Lebanon were slain.

Israel has recorded more than 800 fatalities over the past three days. According to Palestinian sources, 560 people have already died in Gaza as a result of Israel’s bombardment of airstrikes.Nine US citizens’ deaths have been officially confirmed.

Israel would “completely siege” the previously blockaded region, according to Defence Minister Yoav Gallant. There will be “No electricity, no food, no water, no gas — it’s all closed,” he warned, referring to the effects on the 2.3 million residents.

Israeli ground forces are preparing for an assault on the poor and populated coastal land of Palestine in order to destroy Hamas and release at least 100 captives.

On Day 3 of the conflict, smoke plumes and roaring fighter planes darkened the sky over Gaza. Hamas continued to launch rockets into Jerusalem, where detonations and air raid sirens could be heard.

“Overnight IDF fighter jets, helicopters, aircraft and artillery struck over 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip,” Israeli Defense Forces mentioned in a statement.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has urged residents of Gaza to avoid any Hamas locations, which he has pledged to “turn to rubble.”

More than a thousand Hamas soldiers breached Gaza’s border barrier on Saturday and flocked to surrounding Jewish settlements. Gunmen there proceeded from home to house, shooting victims or robbing them and taking them back into Gaza.

Children and a Holocaust survivor in a wheelchair are among the hostages transported back into Gaza, according to Israeli officials. The incident has been compared to 9/11 by the horrified country.

After Hezbollah, which is supported by Iran, fired artillery and guided missiles “in solidarity” with Hamas, Israel now confronts the possibility of a multi-front conflict.