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News ISRO Biggest Satellite Launch: Is ISRO Better Than NASA?

ISRO Biggest Satellite Launch: Is ISRO Better Than NASA?

The launch of PSLV-C28, the biggest commercial satellite by ISRO set to be on Friday, one wonders whether ISRO is better than NASA, its US counterpart. 05ps0xl Compared to US, India started it’s space programme very late. While US was a superpower at the time of inception of NASA, India was literally a beggar at the time ISRO was conceptualised. It was a very bold decision by pioneers of ISRO to think of meaningful use of space when India didn’t have enough resources to feed every belly. In spite of such a humble beginning, ISRO managed to lead the world in few areas. Here are a few things:-

Low Cost Missions:- ISRO definitely has an edge over other space agencies over low cost launch vehicles. The launch cost is likely to go down more once Make in India campaign gains some momentum. ps3ps4-module-stacking1
Reliability:- ISRO’s PSLV is one of the most reliable launch vehicle for sending low earth orbit spacecrafts. GSLV has yet to prove it’s reliability which may take another 5 years.

Remote Sensing:- ISRO has biggest constellation of remote sensing satellites. However ISRO has not been able to harness their capabilities to full extent. Increased FDI in space sector would definitely improve the meaningful data from these satellites. As India is major power in IT, GIS industry is witnessing exponential growth in India. The day is not far when GIS products from India would be used everywhere in the world.

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