In Just 26 Minutes, ISRO Makes History By Sending 20 Satellites Into...

In Just 26 Minutes, ISRO Makes History By Sending 20 Satellites Into Space

SRIHARIKOTA, ANDHRA PRADESH: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) released a series of 20 satellites (PSLV C-34 mission) in space on 22 June just after 9 AM. The information has also said that those satellites are supposed to sell off to International customers like USA, Germany and even to a company owned by the world famous search engine provider google.

The reports claim that first ISRO launched a single satellite into space which after leaving the earth’s orbit deposited those 20 satellites. It was the first time that India has sent these many satellites to space and was only left by 17 missiles to make a new world record which is held by Germany for sending 37 satellites in the year 2014.

What’s more special about this mission is that it was completed in just 26 minutes

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ISRO sends 20 satellites into space, PSLV
Source: Thehindu

PM Narendra Modi counts this record as a “monumental accomplishment” and even tweeted that  “our space programme has time and again shown the transformative potential of science & technology in people’s lives.”

The total weight of the major satellite which ISRO sent into space was 1,288 kg, which also included the other 19 satellites.

Amongst those satellites, 13 of the satellites are from the USA, in which around 12 are from the Dove satellites from Planet Laorganizationion of USA. Surprisingly, each and every single one of those satellites only weighed around 4.7kgs and helped a lot in accomplishing this mission.

Along with the USA, Canada also donated 2 satellites and ISRO also got satellites from Germany and Indonesia.

This mission was really a very big accomplishment for the country and along with these 20 satellites, India has also sent 37 foreign satellites on separate PSLV missions.

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