Kriti Sanon Sweats It Out In This Workout Video

Kriti Sanon becomes an inspiration for all the fitness freaks. And her latest Instagram post proves it all.
High Life It Is Always Fun To Be a Retard as Everrr

It Is Always Fun To Be a Retard as Everrr

Keep everything aside. Let’s not even use proper sentences and big talks.. We know we all are tired. The world at times gets too harsh. Just make time for yourself the crazy way!!

Spring Up The Music Loud Wherever You are Sitting!

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Loud_Music_-1600x1149Just don’t bother, they anyway have had problems with you. They will complain, they will nag but who the hell are they? You know what you are and what you need! No one else in the world would know what you feel. Just go for it, play your favourite music as loud as it could be. See people raising their eye brows and just laugh at them! LOUD!!!!!!!

Bored? Give them The Weirdest Looks Possible!


If you are bored and the people around you are the reason for it, haunt them! Yes sounds silly and weird but it is always fun to look at people’s reactions! Don’t worry try each look that you can, it will be fun, only if you drop your reluctance!

Call, Shout, Scream! You just Saw a Snake!

maxresdefaultNow no snake on earth stands still when knows the danger around. Who the hell is even gonna see! It is the human tendency, the first effort that they ever do is RUN!!

Pretend You Are Drinking Water and Drop it on Your Friend!

landscape_nrm_1426086057-lohanfallon01Well water is the easiest and the safest. Their clothes won’t get ruined. They will dry up! Just enjoy their scream as you drop the water!

Just Get Drunk!

culture_features-2If all that’s written above seems crazy to you, you need to leave this sensibility aside. Yes, would taste bitter, but come on good days are always custom madae! Just Get Drunk and read the above mentioned list and do whatever pleases you until it does not hurt someone!

So just, get a life! Do something that the world does not like. Get the hell out of theem!!

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