India 'It is Nothing But a Joke' Urmila Matondkar Insults PM Narendra Modi's...

‘It is Nothing But a Joke’ Urmila Matondkar Insults PM Narendra Modi’s Biopic

The general elections in India is currently the hot topic. Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar who turned a politician recently joined Congress to contest the Lok Sabha elections against BJP from North Mumbai.

Urmila Matondkar mocks at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by saying that he didn’t deserve a biopic as he failed to deliver anything being the head of the government. She stated,

“The biopic made on his (PM Modi’s) life is nothing but a joke as the prime minister, who claims to have a 56-inch-chest, has miserably failed to deliver anything. The movie made on his life is a joke on the democracy, poverty and diversity of India, which has been damaged. Rather, a comedy film should be made on him and his unfulfilled promises.”

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She also targeted Narendra Modi by saying that he never attended a single press conference in the last five years. According to her, it is worse for a Prime Minister of the biggest democratic country.

Earlier Urmila Mantondkar made headlines when she called the Hinduism ‘the most violent’ religion. Urmila who is 45 years old and married to a 10 years younger husband, Kashmiri Muslim, accused the Modi government of spreading hatred and religious intolerance in the country.

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