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News After Japan And Indonesia, Now Italy May Soon Offer Paid Menstrual Leave...

After Japan And Indonesia, Now Italy May Soon Offer Paid Menstrual Leave To Women

After Japan and Indonesia, it’s Italy that takes the good practice initiative towards the women welfare.  It could be the first Western country that will offer paid menstrual leave to women. This leave will be sanctioned for those women who suffer painful periods.

The lower house of the parliament of Italy has been discussing the measure. According to this, it is mandatory for every company to grant 3-day leave to its women employees each month.

However, after the proposal has been discussed, there were two views, i.e. against the motion and in favour. Some experts take it as a positive step whereas another call it absurd.

Speculations are if women were granted extra days of paid leave, the probability is that the employers could become even more oriented to hire men rather than women.

Writer Miriam Goi wrote “It could also compound the stereotype that women are more emotional at certain times in their menstrual cycle.

Daniela Piazzalunga, an economist at research institute FBK-IRVAPP, told, “Women are already taking days off because of menstrual pains, but the new law would allow them to do so without using sick leaves or other permits,”

Apart from Japan and Indonesia, a few private and big name companies like Nike, also offer paid menstrual leave to its women employees.

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