It’s Pathetic: Former Beauty Queen Allegedly Gang-Raped And Murdered

Good-looking girls usually try out the luck in the world of glamour. Because it not only makes them financially strong. But also gives them a lot of popularity. But what if the picture goes upside down. That’s what happened with the former beauty queen. Read to know.

Christine Angelica Dacera found dead

The news about the tragic incident that took place with former beauty queen and flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera, has been circulating for quite a while. For uninitiated, she was Miss Silva Davao 2017 runner-up and a finalist in Mutya ng Davao 2019. But now she is no more in the world. As she was brutally gang-raped and murdered in the Philippines at the Garden City Grand Hotel in Makati on New Year’s Day. As per information, it is being told that her body was witnessed in the hotel room bathtub.

After her death, many speculations were made. But according to their family lawyer, Brick Reyes she was drugged and abused before her death. Also, Christine’s mother said that there might be foul play with her daughter because her friends were also present at the party. But they played no role in saving her. She also straight away pointed Rommel Galido for not taking care of her daughter. In spite of her saying that there was something wrong with her drink. Talking about Rommel he was one of the fellow flight attendants and was among the 11 people who were charged in the rape but eventually got released from police custody.

Meanwhile, it is also been reported that Galido gave some hints related to the incident. He said that on 1st January it was around 2 a.m. when Christine leaned on his shoulder and complaint that someone has spiked her drink. When asked who it could have been? She took the name of “Mark” who was also Christine’s friend named Mark Anthony Rosales. But the things are yet to surface. Coming to the former beauty queen, let us tell that she was pronounced dead at Makati Medical Center.

After the tragic incident took place it infuriated the entire Philippines, highlighting the issue of women’s consent. And soon after that the hashtag #JusticeForChristineDacera started trending on Twitter in the Philippines.

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