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Bigg Boss 11: Jallad Whispered Something Shocking Against Hina Khan in Luv Tyagi’s Ear During ‘Sultani Akhada’ Activity

You all Bigg Boss fans are familiar with Chintan Gangar aka ‘Airporti Jallad’ of BB 7. He is associated with Bigg Boss since its seventh season. Chintan had entered BB 7 after a screen test and beating 6 other candidates and since then he has participated in Season 7, 8, 9 and 11. He has always had that scary look with no smile. He is the only person who doesn’t utter a word and is still famous.

While season 11 is on the verge of its finale and the last 7 contestants left as the contenders for this year’s trophy, everyone is supporting their favorites. So as Chintan aka Jallad. In a shocking incident from Bigg Boss 11 house Jallad has done something which is hard to believe but it is revealed now!

We saw Salman Khan’s favorite Chintan Gangar aka ‘Jallad’ present during all the tasks assisting housemates and we also see him ringing the gong every ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ during ‘Sultani Akhada’ activity. It is now exposed that Chintan used this opportunity to give one housemate a very important feedback. Actually, in an unseen video on the social media, Luv is heard telling Priyank Sharma that ‘Jallad’ whispered something shocking in his ears. Priyank got gobsmacked after hearing this. He replied to Luv “Kya baat kar raha hai!!!!”

All this happened during the ‘Sultani Akhada’ task between Priyank and Luv this weekend. Luv and Priyank came inside the bedroom and after making Priyank promise he won’t share this with anyone, Luv told him

“pata hai ‘Jallad’ mere kaan mei kya keh raha tha!! ..Ki Hina se bach ke reh!”

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