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Woman Shrank to 16 Kg After Being Brutally Starved by Grandfather, Her Transformation Now Leaves Everbody Shocked

All we expect from the grandparents is love, care and teaching right lessons. But sometimes we witness cases of abuse and assault that make us question humanity. Similar to this, in a heart-wrenching incident, a Japanese woman posted disturbing images of her undernourished body on social media, claiming they were taken during a time when she was starved by an abusive grandparent.


She posted a series of tweets and said about the torture she was given by her grandfather. She told that her grandfather had refused to feed her. She also said that she was kicked in the belly and forced to spit or vomit the food when she was caught eating in secret.

According to DailyMail,

“Her weight lessens to 16.8 kilograms as she vomited her food owing to the constant abuse done by her grandfather. Through her post, the woman who hails from Kyoto urges all the people who were suffering from such abuse to not wait, and ‘ask for help before it’s too late’.”

The doctors said that the girl was just 10 minutes away from death when she was finally rescued from her hell-like situation. Now she is recovering and her transformation so far is absolutely remarkable.

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