Infotainment 'Fat People' Would Not Be Allowed To Dine In Japan's Naked Restaurant

‘Fat People’ Would Not Be Allowed To Dine In Japan’s Naked Restaurant

‘The Buniyadi’, world’s first naked restaurant established in London was already too much for the world to handle. Even before it’s opening, the restaurant got 25,000+ pre-bookings and is still running successfully.

As a shocking news to Asians, another naked restaurant is about to open and that’s also in Japan What’s more strange is that the name of this Japanese naked restaurant is also named after Indian language.

The Bunyadi. London's naked restaurant
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The Amrita Will Be The World’s Second Naked Restaurant

In Bunyadi, the managers were able to administer the restaurant very well, that’s why it went such a huge hit. Complete security was given to its customers and privacy needs were also not entered but the popularity of the Amrita┬áhas seriously started to turn down the scope.

As many people say, the restaurant has really kept some strict but discriminatory rules as it is also reported to ban “fat” customers in the restaurant. This attitude of the restaurant is really not being liked by the people.

Moreover, the restaurant has also given a new definition to the word ‘fat’ according to the needs of the restaurant, that is, no person weighing above15kgs of his average weight-height segment would be allowed in the restaurant.

fat people banned in japan's naked restaurant
Source: Dailymail

The one thing, which the restaurant is really doing right in the eyes of people is banning the people with tattoos on their bodies who are actually claimed to be the part of the Yakuzas gang.

For some time, people will continue their criticism of the ban of fat people as it is really not in anyone’s hand to decide the rights of a person according to his shape and size.

The restaurant would be opened in the month of August and is high on Buzz since last month. However, reservation services are also provided but the diners would not be allowed to carry their mobile phones in the restaurant.

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