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Is That Bollywood Singer Sukhwinder Whom Jasleen Matharu Referred Sukhi And Has Dated in The Past? 

Bigg Boss 12 is getting high TRPs with each passing day, all thanks to drama, a lot of fights and controversies. It seems that Bigg Boss is not just revealing contestants’ personalities within the walls of the house but beyond that! In yesterday’s episode, during the captaincy task, two contenders Deepak and Shivashish were shown some secrets of the contestants (revealed by themselves) by the Bigg Boss. Who so ever will find that which secret belongs to whom correctly will win ther task. Those who will tell more will be the winner and the captain.

The half of the task was done and the rest will continue in tonight’s episode. Well, talking about yesterday’s secrets – Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth, Jasleen and Urvashi’s secrets were kept on display and Deepak and Sivashish won 2 of them each. Jasleen’s secret that was found by Shivashish was,

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‘Mera ek famous celebrity ke saath ek gehra rishta tha aur mere abhi ke partner bhi nahi jaante iss baare mein!’.

Surprisingly, Anup Jalota already knew while she thought he doesn’t. Who was the celebrity ex-boyfriend was she talking about? Anup Jalota during their interaction mentioned the name ‘Sukki'(Sukhi). Since then, speculations are it’s the famous singer Sukhwinder Singh.

Jasleen has even done a music video with the singer titled ‘Nacchunga Sari Raat’. Even the controversial king Kamaal R Khan aka KRK also reveals on Twitter that it is none other than Sukhwinder who Jasleen dated in the past and for a whole one year. He tweeted – “Jasleen Matharu was dating singer Sukhwinder Singh for a year and Anup Jalota doesn’t know about it.”

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