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Entertainment Jasleen Matharu is Back Again With His 37 Years Older Boyfriend Anup...

Jasleen Matharu is Back Again With His 37 Years Older Boyfriend Anup Jalota

Jasleen Matharu shot to fame when she cae along Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota as a Bigg Boss 12 contestant. During the premiere night of the show, the couple revealed that they were dating each other for 3 years and are in a relationship.

But after Anup’s eviction from the show, he denied being in a relationship with Jasleen Matharu and said he sees her as his student and faked the relationship for the show. He said he faked it as Jasleen asked him to do so because she wanted to be the part of the show Bigg Boss 12.

Their relationship created chaos as the couple had a huge age gap. Jasleen is 28 years old whereas Anup is 65 years old. They have an age difference of 37 years. After Jasleen’s eviction, in the interview she had given to the media, she accepted the statements are true given by the Anup and the couple parted their ways.

However, now it seems they are back together. Recently Jasleen took to Instagram and shared a video of herself and Anup practising music. Watch it belwo:

Well, we wonder if the couple is back together?   

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