Gas Leak In A Pharmaceutical Company In Visakhapatnam Kills People Again

Sainor Life Sciences Private Limited at JN Pharma City in Parawada, Visakhapatnam had benzimidazole gas leak. The incident reportedly occurred in the early hours...
Entertainment Jasleen Was Pregnant With Anup Jalota's Child And Had an Abortion Last...

Jasleen Was Pregnant With Anup Jalota’s Child And Had an Abortion Last Year?

In a shocking news, Jasleen Matharu the 28 years old girl who is a girlfriend of 65 years old Bhajan singer making headlines. She is 37 years younger than him. The couple seems to be very mature as unlike other couples who were featured in the show previously, they are maintaining quite a low profile.

But you will get surprised to know that, Jasleen’sshockingg pregnancy details are out! Isn’t it earth-shattering? A model named Aneesha Singh, who is Anup’s confidant, made a shocking revelation about Jasleen’s pregnancy, she said, Jasleen was allegedly pregnant with Anup’s child last year and even had an abortion. She said,

“They were yelling at each other. I have never seen them so mad at each other before. Jasleen claimed the pregnancy was due to Jalota’s carelessness, which was hotly refuted by the Bhajan King. I do not know what happened thereafter. He (Jalota) told me to leave as he was in a very bad mood and would meet me after 2-3 days. I later on learnt that she had an abortion.”


She further said,

“Days later, Jalota told me he felt that Jasleen was cheating on him and that she had a secret boyfriend in the UK, a charge which Jasleen always denied. I was his punching bag. He used to share all his insecurities regarding his relationship with Jasleen and kept asking me what to do.”


Jalota was always insecure and worried about her fidelity and loyalty to him.

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