India Remember Famous Jasleen Vs Sarvjeet Case? Jasleen Kaur Finally Appears In Court After An...

Remember Famous Jasleen Vs Sarvjeet Case? Jasleen Kaur Finally Appears In Court After An Absence Of 3 Years

In the year 2015, a case has emerged in the nation that shocked every Indian. It was of Jasleen Kaur Vs Sarvjeet Singh case. Jasleen accused Sarvjeet of misbehaving and harassment and her post went viral on Facebook. After that, he had become a national villain and everyone criticized him on the social media.

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But three years down the lane, Sarvjeet made a comeback with his part of the story. He shared it on the social media claiming he was innocent and it was Jasleen who played the woman card. He gained public sympathy when Jasleen attended no case hearing as she was busy for her studies in Canada. Sarvjeet had claimed that these three years have been terrible for him as he has gone through all kind of judgements and losses while Jasleen has not even appeared at the court once.

Now Jasleen is finally back and has recorded her stance on it. According to the reports, she said that her silence shouldn’t be considered her weakness because she will fight until the case reaches a logical conclusion. She also apologized to the court for her absence and cited “academic commitments” as the reason for her absence. However, she said that she was not running away all this while because her father was attending all the case hearings in her absence. She also said that Sarvjeet took the benefit of her absence in the court to gain sympathy.

Jasleen in her statement also said that she received threatening messages for making Sarvjeet suffer. She said the actual reason behind her absence was she felt threatened while coming to the premises because of the abuses and threats hurled at her on social media by Sarvjeet’s supporters. On the other hand, Sarvjeet has criticised her for taking three years to record her statement which has unnecessarily dragged the case.

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