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Utterly Shocking! Jennifer Lopez Said She Will Choose Harry Styles Over Zac Efron For Sex

Jennifer Lopez made a very shocking statement on Feb 21 when she was asked to choose between Harry Styles and Zac Efron in a game of ‘Who’d You Rather?’ After listening to her answer Harry got flattered that she picked him. Hard luck! Zac Efron.

jennifer lopez and harry styles

We know it is a hard choice to choose: would you rather have sex with Harry Styles, 23, or Zac Efron, 29? But the 47-years-old Jennifer Lopez had to make the choice on The Ellen Show. Hopefully, in the end, she made the decision with Harry Styles.

According to the sources, Harry felt on cloud 9 after hearing that.

jennifer lopez choose Harry styles for sex

Harry said JLo is stunning and beautiful and he would be happy to take her out on a date. 

Harry always had a huge crush on JLo, he admires her since the days he was growing up. JLo is such a thing to praise on as every guy loved her and every girl wanted to be her. Indeed it was the happiest moment for Harry!

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