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Betrayed by Father at Age 2 Then by Lover, This Famous Bollywood Actress Ended Her Life at Age 25

If you ever feel that you are facing the worst problems of your life then for a minute read out the story of this famous Bollywood actress. You will feel her pain and will find out your problem is not as big as you think. This is a story of Bollywood actress Jiyah Khan who is no more in this world now.

She died in the year 2013 after committing suicide. She was only 25 years old. Reportedly, she felt betrayed in love. It was the actor Sooraj Pancholi who betrayed her. Well, Sooraj Pancholi was not the only man who hurt Jiyah. Yes, you read it right! And the one who hurt her in the past was her own father.

The late actress’ father left the family when she was only two years old and never came back. Describing her father’s absence she said:

“A man who left his daughter when she was two, should be hanged in public”.

She was raised by her mother Rabia Amin. These two important men a lover and a father made her life hell. She failed to bear the pain and ultimately ended her life.

She is known for her work in Bollywood films like Nishabad, Gajini, Houseful etc.

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