Entertainment Bollywood Actor John Abraham Files 3 Criminal Complaints Against Prernaa Arora, Who's She?

Actor John Abraham Files 3 Criminal Complaints Against Prernaa Arora, Who’s She?

Actor John Abraham has filed three criminal complaints against Prernaa Arora and KriArj Entertainment for cheating, breach of trust, defamation, and offenses committed under the Information Technology Act. Who’s she? well, let us tell you. KriArj Entertainment is a production company and the maker of the film ‘Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran’.

A few days back, KriArj entertainment’s Prernaa Arora files an FIR against the actor John Abraham, who is the lead actor of the film Parmanu. She accused him of charges including breach of trust, fraud, misappropriation of funds and copyright infringement in regards to the film Parmanu. Now John did the same.

In a press release issued by JA Entertainment,

“John Abraham, through his production house JA Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. had signed a Co-production agreement with Prernaa Arora’s company Kriarj Entertaiment Pvt. Ltd. wherein Kriarj had agreed to pay Rs 35 crores to John’s company to cover the cost of production, fees of all actors and other production related expenses and had also agreed to additionally bear the Print and Advertisement expenses (P&A) for the film Parmanu- The Story of Pokhran against which John had agreed to assign the exploitation rights and 50% IPR of the film to Prernaa’s company. ”

It further states,

“However, after Prernaa’s repeated delays in making payments by stopping cheque payments and giving wrong bank transfer details (UTR numbers) at every stage and refusal to pay the last tranches of payment, which were critical for completing the post-production work of the film, John followed the due process as laid down by law. He first gave a legal notice to cure the breach and after Prernaa’s failure to cure the breaches, John terminated the agreement with Prernaa in order to save his film. After this termination, which is a purely Civil Dispute, Prernaa filed a false criminal complaint against John and started making defamatory statements against him in the media. Prernaa also illegally started blocking the online publicity materials launched by John for the promotion of his film. John also came to know that Prernaa had, without his knowledge, already recovered monies in excess of what she had to pay him from various third parties and yet did not pay him his dues.


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