Johnny Depp’s “La Favorite” Is Soon Coming To Netflix

The next film starring actor Johnny Depp will appear on Netflix. The streaming service is going to co-finance the film La Favorite. In the French film, Depp plays the role of King Louis XV.

Johnny Depp La Favorite

La Favorite will be directed by Maiwenn Le Besco ( Mon Roi, Polisse ) and the plan is to shoot the film in the summer. It is the first film in which Depp acts in French. Le Besco also stars as Madame du Barry, the mistress of King Louis XV.

King Louis XV ruled France for nearly 59 years from 1715 to 1774, one of the longest reigns in France’s history. Louis fell ill and died in 1774, and leading up to his death, his mistress Madame du Barry remained by his side.

La Favorite Johhny Depp

Netflix invests millions in the French film business

The film is said to be the result of Netflix’s decision to invest approximately $40.7 million in French films by 2022, with La Favorite on the list of films entitled to it.

Bloomberg also reports that the film will first run in French cinemas and that the release is currently planned for 2023. Only then will the streaming release follow.