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Jolly LLB 2 To Pass Amicus Curiae Appoints By Bombay High Court Before Release

Film Jolly LLB 2 to pass Amicus Curiae appoints by Bombay high court before releasing. The bench of Bombay high court appoints two lawyers to watch this Akshay Kumar starrer film. The role of Amicus Curiae is to find whether the film offends the Judiciary system or not. 

The court passed the statement that the two appointed lawyers RN Dhorde and VJ Dixit will watch the film on Wednesday and will submit the report to court on Friday. Then the further proceedings will be held. The court orders film producer to make arrangements for showcasing their film to the appointed lawyers. 

High court appoints amicus curaie to watch Jolly llb 2

A lawyer named Ajay Kumar Waghmare had filed a petition in the court against the film to eradicate the word LLB from the title. He also said to remove the scene in the film featuring lawyers are playing cards in the court.

This petition also suggests that the law has imposed some restrictions too with the Freedom of Expression. According to the petition, the film showcases the funny image of the people associated with law and order. 

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