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This Famous Actress Once Refused to Lock Her Lips With Aamir Khan, The Name Will Shock You!

Without intimate scenes, any love story of Bollywood stays incomplete. There was a time when intimate scenes in the Bollywood films almost equal to null. Actresses, mainly, refused to give such scenes as they believed that it will spoil their image. But today all the notions has turned upside down.

Today’s stars are always ready to go along with what their role demands. We will narrate a tale of Aamir Khan in this context that will surprise you. Once a co-star of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan refused to lock her lips with him.

Actually, during the film shoot of Ishaq, Juhi Chawla had to shoot a kiss scene with Aamir Khan. Juhi Chawla was ready for the scene but Aamir Khan wanted to make some changes. This raged Juhi and she denied to kiss him. This sparked a spat between the two stars and stopped talking to each other.

Aamir Khan once said in an interview that he fought for 5-6 times with Juhi during the film shoot of Ishaq. Their fight lasted for a long time period. Today Aamir Khan is still active in the films whereas Jushi is spreading her roots in organic farming.



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