Just 15 Mins A Day For Super Sexy Beach Legs


How we wish for those super sexy model-like scuplted beach legs! Legs that can don anything from a short dress or a pair of shorts to tailored fit trousers. Well, anyone can acquire those sexy dream legs. Really! We just need to follow the correct exercises and workout routine to achieve them. What more? All you need to give is a 15 min fully dedicated workout session! And that too in the comfort of your home without any gym equipment except for a foam roller and a step(You can always use stairs for the step) So are you ready?

1. Lateral Squats

2. Foam Roller Leg Curls

3. Squat to Lateral step Up

4. Side Lunge Butt Kicker

5. Squats

6. Ski Jumps

7. Drop Squat Jumps

8. Single Leg Deadlift

9. Jump wood Chops