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Just 2 Cups Of Coffee A Day Can Work Wonders For Health

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You might have heard people saying how drinking coffee can be bad for you and its a no-no. However, a cup of Lavazza or Java is actually good for you. And you’ll see how just 2 cups of coffee a day can work wonders for health.


While the caffeine in Coffee is pretty much speculated by many due its ability to disrupt your sleep and even make you feel jittery sometimes but consuming the beverage in moderate amounts can subside the unfavourable effects and bring out substantial benefits of Coffee.

Drinking a couple of cups of your favorite coffee provides you the following benefits

Enhanced Brain Functionality and Efficiency

One of the most consumed psychoactive products on the planet is coffee and it is so because of its capability of bolstering brain activity. It is also known to alleviate mood.


Lowered depression and Suicide Risk

Speaking of mood, coffee also helps combat depression. Ina 2011 Harvard study, people who consumed more coffee had lower risk of falling prey to depression.

Protection against Degenrative diseases of the Brain

Medical experts say that consuming coffee regularly and moderately can lower the risk of having Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at older age. coffee helps protect brain cells from damage related to degenerative diseases.


Increased Metabolic rate

Many slimming diets and suppliments touted to boost metabolism contain caffeine. Rather than spending whopping amounts on these diets switch to couple of cups of coffee everyday to shed off extra pounds and look great.

Reduces risk of Diabetes and Liver Diseases

People who love coffee are less likely to have diabetes by upto 67%. Also consuming 2 to 4 cups of coffee everyday can lower the risk of having cancer and liver cirrhosis.


Longer and Healthier Life

With coffee having so many good qualities and benefits, people who enjoy the drink live on to be healthy and active and have a longer life.


Coffee has many benefits to health provided you don’t add extra sugar from top of drink creamy and full fat coffee which kills the good stuff and is likely to do more harm than good. A warm cup of Black coffee is the best way to have it! Enjoy! 🙂

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