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World Just After Her Honeymoon a Woman Divorced Husband, Reason Will Suprise You!

Just After Her Honeymoon a Woman Divorced Husband, Reason Will Suprise You!

In UAE, a newly-wedded woman filed for divorce with her husband just after returning from honeymoon. According to the Khaleej Times, a woman accused her husband of being a stingy man. In her divorce application submitted to the Abu Dhabi court, it was told that the woman’s husband is an Iranian and he showed immense miserliness on their honeymoon.

She also stated that during the honeymoon her husband forced her to pay all the bills including electricity, food and water bills. Whereas he didn’t spend his single penny. The woman also asked for the compensation of all the amount she spent in her divorce application.

Woman’s husband was 13 years younger to her. In the beginning of the honeymoon he cunningly made all the bills on his wife’s name. He told the reason that he lost all his personal documents that’s why he put his wife’s name on the bills of all the services, as told by woman’s lawyer.

Woman also revealed that she purchased all the furniture of the house after her marriage. Just after marriage, husband’s behaviour started changing and started ignoring her.

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