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Infotainment Justin Trudeau Is A Disaster For The Planet And Here's The Proof

Justin Trudeau Is A Disaster For The Planet And Here’s The Proof

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Current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is more like a Canada’s international PR than an official representative. Many people claim that he is defacing his own country’s flag in order to appeal to the special interest groups. Trudeau is basically adopting ideas from Sweden, which is extremely concerning as they’re having a lot of issues with immigration.

Justin Trudeau Is A Disaster For The Planet And Here's The Proof

 Worst things Trudeau has done as Prime Minister
1. Justin has spent $215,000 for a vacation to the Bahamas.
2. The Trudeau government has been sluggish to respond to Canada’s ongoing 
   opioid crisis. 16 Canadians are hospitalized each and every day due to 
   opioid poisonings, and the federal government has done little to curb 
   this phenomenon. 
3. Trudeau once said: “No country would find 173bn barrels of oil in the 
   ground and just leave them there.”
4. If Canada digs up 173bn barrels oil and sells it to people to burn, 
   it will produce, according to the math whizzes at Oil Change International,
   30% of the carbon necessary to take us past the 1.5C target that Canada
   helped set in Paris. 
5. Justin, like his predecessors, has attended several cash fundraiser 
   events for his party and has been taking large amounts of money 
   (through the Trudeau foundation) from Chinese corporate leaders.
6. The controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline is in Canada’s “best interest”
   says Trudeau, which is strange given the amount of Canadians who protested
   against the pipeline. 
7. For the year of 2016-17, Trudeau pledged to a $9.9 billion deficit. 
   The deficit came to be $23 billion in that year. This year Trudeau promised
   a $9.5 billion deficit, but in reality it’s probably going to be more 
   around $28.5 billion.
8. Justin promised an electoral reform, which is a reason why many people 
   elected him, but then he totally rejected it.
9. Trudeau promised to extend parental leave to 18 months, yet we’ve heard
   nothing on the matter since the Prime Minister came to power. 

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