WTF!! Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Love Child?

Canada’s government has officially deny that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the love child of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The rumor started on Nov. 27, 2016, two days after Castro’s death, when a reddit user posited that Justin Trudeau has a similar appearance like Castro and further falsely stated that Margaret Trudeau had met Castro in 1971.

Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro's Love Child

Moreover, Justin was born on December 25, 1971 to the then Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau and his wife, Margaret that was more than four years before Margaret made a first trip to Cuba and met Castro.

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Also, Justin’s mother Margaret made headlines in the 1970s for dancing nights away at New York discos such as Studio 54. She infamously had romantic relationships with celebrities such as actors Ryan O’Neal and Jack Nicholson.

Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro's Love Child

The false story has risen again when Castro’s eldest son Fidelito killed himself and as per the reports he in his suicide note addresses the 46-year-old Prime Minister as his ‘half-brother’.