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Ajay Devgn Spotted With Daughter Outside a Restaurant, People Made Fun of Her

There are numerous examples of uncertainties in the Bollywood. For example, the stars who were not good looking and had no godfather reached the top whereas the others who possessed all of these qualities failed to make name and fame. One of them is Ajay Devgn. He got rejected for his looks at the start of his career but it was his talent that made him a superstar.

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Recently, Ajay Devgn was spotted with his family outside a restaurant in Bandra. They were there on a lunch date. Ajay Devgn spent a quality time with Kajol and daughter Nysa. The cameramen caught the photos and they became viral.

Why viral? They got viral for all the wrong reasons. People trolled Ajay and Kajol’s daughter Nysa for not having good-looks. Isn’t it really surprising? It is not for the first time when Nysa suffered such a shame for her looks. Social media users as often troll her. But it is not mandatory to have good looks to become successful in the film industry. To let you know, Nysa’s mother Kajol had also suffered such bad comments about her dusky colour when she stepped in the Bollywood years ago but it was her talent that made her star. Now she looks absolutely stunning.

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