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Kajol Had a Huge Crush on Akshay Kumar Reveals Her Close Friend




Karan Johar recently reached to Kapil Sharma Show with his close friend actress Kajol. Meanwhile, he revealed that Kajol had a huge crush on Akshay Kumar. According to Karan, he met Kajol during the film premiere of Henna in 1991.

Kajol had a huge crush on Akshay Kumar and while the premiere she continued to stare at him constantly. Karan was noticing her and started supporting her while she was in search of Akshay Kumar during the party after the premiere. They didn’t find him but became good friends at that time.

Both Karan and Kajol used to live in South Mumbai and eventually happened to friends. To let you know Kajol and Akshay had worked in film Yeh Dillagi together in 1994. Karan also revealed that Kajol never remembers his birthday, either she wishes him in advance or a day later. But Kajol is good at maintaining relations he said.

Kajol also spilled the beans about her life, according to her, father Shomu Mukherji wanted to name her Mercedes. As he liked the posh car so much. Interrupting her, Karan revealed that initially, his name was Rahul Kumar Johar. But after the 6 days of his birth, his mother Hiroo Johar changed his name to Karan.