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Trending Kalki Koechlin Reveals She Was Sexually Abused at Age 9

Kalki Koechlin Reveals She Was Sexually Abused at Age 9

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Looking at Bollywood actor’s glittery life all, it comes naturally in our minds that their life would have been the same as it is now from its beginning. But it is not true, we have often heard stories how a Bollywood star who didn’t have roof at his head reached the stars. Also, there are some horrific stories of sexual abuse too but these stars rose above it, struggled a lot, worked hard and today they are here!

Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin has shared an incident that we can’t even imagine in our worst of the dreams. This revelation of her about her past life will shock you to the core. Kalki narrated that she was 9 years old when she got sexually abused. But she also said that it was her mistake due to which she suffered harrowing sexual abuse.

So the actress advised every parent that they should openly talk about things like sex and private parts with their children. Kalki said that if her parents openly talked to her about this matter, then this incident would not happen with her. At a tender age of 9, she didn’t have any knowledge about these things.

Innocent and immature at age 9, Kalki gave permission to a much older man to have sex with her, without knowing what does it mean. After that, her parents never come to know about it, became her biggest fear. She thought that it was her mistake that’s why she never revealed this incident to anyone for years.

According to her, it was because of sexual unawareness and lack of confidence that she kept this hidden from her parents. She felt inferiority complex. So it is important for parents to tell about private parts or give sexual information to their children to protect their children from such bigger problems.

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