Kalki Koechlin has time and again proved to be one intelligent actor. In her latest gig, she has released a video in association with youtube channel The Culture Machine – Blush in which she’s seen reciting her poem, The Printing Machine. It’s part of their series called Unblushed.

In her poem kalki speaks out against media sensationalism and it’s portrayal of violence against women. The video which is so beautifully shot is 5 minutes long and is increasinlgy creating ripples in the social media.

“Printing Machine was inspired by one of the key influencers in our lives — news houses and the media. We are flooded by an onslaught of objectifying and horrific news reports and imagery that have desensitised us,” Kalki told the news agency IANS.

“It is only when we look at these reports in totality do we realise what our Indian heritage and culture have come to, and how we have come to be at the mercy of printing machines,” she added.

maxresdefaultYou need to watch this video ASAP.

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