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News Famous Bollywood Celebrity Dies Due to Kidneys And Liver Failure And Her...

Famous Bollywood Celebrity Dies Due to Kidneys And Liver Failure And Her Dream Remained Unfulfilled!

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Kalpana Lajmi – the director, producer and screenwriter. Lajmi was an independent filmmaker working more on realistic, low-budget films, which are known in India as parallel cinema. Her films were often woman-oriented. She is no more now as death does not wait for you to be ready. She put the whole industry into a shock when she said Good Bye to this cruel world on September 23, 2018.

But she wanted to live! Yes, the National-Award filmmaker wanted to live and make a film, which she was about to start shooting. The casting had been done. Soni Razdan, her one of good friends, spilled the beans about Kalpana’s last unfulfilled film project. In her choking voice, she said,

“Well, Kalpana’s kidneys had been adversely affected since a long time. She was continuously undergoing dialysis, almost 3 times a week. It was physically daunting. Worse still, she used to have certain complications as she had acute diabetes, as a consequence of which she was often admitted in the ICU. But this time, her liver started failing too. I would say that she was in a very bad shape since the past 3 months. And trust me, this time I had a feeling that something was going to… she trailed off. After her liver got damaged, sepsis set in. Now, it’s tough to combat sepsis. Slowly but surely, other organs started getting affected.”

Source: Spotboye

She further said,

“Well, I had spoken to her just a week ago and we were supposed to meet on Wednesday. Somehow I couldn’t make it. And when I called her on Thursday, it was too late. She was already in the ICU. She had been admitted on Wednesday only. I last met her on Saturday. I touched her and said ‘Kalpana (as Soni fondly called her)?’. She just opened her eyes and shut them again. She was semi-conscious. She was extremely low. I saw that her brother had also arrived in the city. Everything pointed out that something was very wrong this time and there was no way out, her blood pressure was dropping drastically. Doctors too, I think, had informed her relatives. I realized that she had suffered too much.”

Source: Spotboye

Kalpana passed away, her dream unfulfilled. She wanted to make a film on her love story with Bhupen Hazarika. Huma Qureshi and Adil Hussain were expected to play the leads.


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