“Kalyug” Actress Smilie Suri Was Suffering From Depression

Smilie Suri who made her Bollywood debut with the 2005 film, Kalyug is suffering from depression. While speaking to Dailybhaskar.com, Smilie said: “Honestly, it’s been a year now where I am encouraging women to come and fight with diseases like thyroid and depression by doing poll dance. I want to be known as poll star girl now.”

"Kalyug" Actress Smilie Suri Was Suffering From Depression

“I have been a dancer since my childhood days and in fact I am also a mallakhamb student. So, I always wanted to see myself doing different types of dance arts. And once, when I went to Dubai for my aerial dance class, that got cancelled and by chance, the poll dance teacher came in. And when I did it, I realised that it is beautiful.”

“It made me feel very feminine and light. It has elements of mallakhamb and fitness in it. It requires lot of strength and grace to perform a poll dance. Trust me; it was like an eye-opener to me in terms of fitness and dancing.”

"Kalyug" Actress Smilie Suri Was Suffering From Depression

“I underwent a really bad phase in my life last year when two of my family members, my father and grandma passed away. Other than that, there have been many things happening in my life. I was feeling all alone and then I started gettign into depression. I was totally unhappy with my life at that point. There were times when i was clueless about everything. I did not know what to do. Then I slowly realised that i need to come out of this. I decided to work on it and here I am.”

“Last year, suddenly I used to break down a lot. Initially, I took this very lightly and later on I realised that I am going through depression. I was under medication for few months, took up counseling, in fact still take acupunctures therapy and do yoga in health centers to overcome this disease. It’s not that I don’t feel depressed even now; but I have to keep myself going somehow and I am doing my best.”