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Entertainment OMG! Kamaal Rashid Khan Aka KRK Threatens To Commit Suicide!

OMG! Kamaal Rashid Khan Aka KRK Threatens To Commit Suicide!

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The son of controversy Kamaal Rashid Khan back again! The controversial celebrity who publicly bashes upcoming movies and insults women with pride.  Recently he spoke after getting his high-traffic twitter account got suspended and if you don’t know the reason behind it, read below.

Actually, he revealed the climax of recently released film of Aamir Khan ‘Secret Superstar’. He reviewed it in his infamous style and made personal remark against Aamir on twitter. He tweeted,

“if u r not a good father or ur father was not a good father whom u never respected then don’t say dat we don’t love children.”

Just after that his Twitter account which is having 4 million followers got suspensed. He lashed out at Twitter through his update account, but twitter didn’t respond him. Therefore he posted his next tweet which is creepy! It reads:

I request @TwitterIndia and staff Ms. Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani and Mr. Taranjeet Singhto restore my account within 15 days. 1st they did charge me millions of rupees and then suddenly suspended my account. So am depressed because they have cheated me. If they won’t restore my account, the I will commit suicide and all these people will be responsible for my death.”

From depressed,

Guess what! He really loves creating controversies!


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