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Entertainment Kangana Cried Every Night During The Shoot Of Katti Batti

Kangana Cried Every Night During The Shoot Of Katti Batti

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Even as Twitter mocked the ‘perfectionist’ actor Aamir Khan for shedding some of his overgained milligrams in tears after watching the movie Katti Batti but the film is actually setting people to be made to cry, apparently! The lead actress Kangana cried Every night during the shoot of Katti Batti as the character she plays in the movie is quite “overwhelming!”


“For an actor, playing such a character can be very overwhelming and if you are young, it can give some staggering impressions on your mind. I remember after I used to finish shoot I would just cry every night and then my mother came over and I even cried with her thinking about so many things.


So, definitely this is the most intense character I’ve ever played in a film,” Kangana, who plays the role of Payal in Katti Batti.


Katti Batti, which also stars Imran Khan, and is directed by Nikhil Advani, is based on new-age relationships. It starts like a romantic comedy but turns into a thriller with a mystery element and a mature love story.



The movie releases today that is 18th September, 2015 so if you need a good shed of tears or know what made Kangana and Aamir cry, then no harm in atleast a watch!


Sounds interesting? Or too much of the very much? :p

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