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Entertainment 'It’s Hard To Take Kangana Seriously' Says Sonam Kapoor on Kangana Ranaut's...

‘It’s Hard To Take Kangana Seriously’ Says Sonam Kapoor on Kangana Ranaut’s Accusation of Sexual Harassment

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A feud has begun between actresses Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut on the sidelines of the #MeToo explosion currently playing out across the film industry, media, and other fields. If you know, Kangana, earlier accused her Queen film director Vikas Bahl of sexual harassment. Kangana’s accusation came after a crew member accused Vikas Bahl of a sexual offender. Kangana about her #MeToo experience shared that,

“Totally believe her, even though Vikas was married back in 2014 when we were filming Queen, he bragged about having casual sex with a new partner every other day…. I don’t judge people and their marriages but you can tell when addiction becomes sickness …. he partied every night and shamed me for sleeping early and not being cool enough …..I often told him off…. he was scared of me but still every time we met socially greeted and hugged each other …. he’d bury his face in my neck …. hold me really tight and breathe in the smell of my hair …. it took me great amount of strength and effort to pull myself out of his embrace, he’d say…. “I love how you smell K… “ I could tell something is wrong with him…..I believe this girl …. but what is sad is that now that Phantom has dissolved many are attacking him, even though the girl asked for help long ago, that time the story was conveniently killed but I supported her at that time as well, you can see my media interaction during one of my brand endorsement interaction, I thought the movement would catch up but I was wrong……at that time Vikas had come to me with a script about a gold medalist from Haryana…… When I supported the girl, he stopped talking to me, I didn’t mind losing out on a good script and I never called him either I was determined to say what I felt was right ….but the matter was pushed under the carpet and I didn’t hear any updates about the same ……its amusing after the news of Phantom dissolution many are finding the courage to attack him…..shame on such a society…. go look at yourselves in the mirror bunch of cowards…… attacking powerless men won’t begin a movement …. either we do it or we don’t …. lets not be opportunists….if we are a shit society lets accept at least have that much honestly within yourself …. Selective outrage will only serve as entertainment; this will just be tabloid gossip and nothing else ….”

How Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut feud started?

While attending an event Vogue We the Women summit in Bengaluru, first Sonam Kapoor was asked about the on-going controversy Tanushree Dutta- Nana Patekar controversy and then about Kangana’s accusations on Vikas Bahl. On this, Sonam said,

“I think Kangana wrote something. Kangana is obviously Kangana Ranaut. She says a lot of stuff and sometimes is hard to take her seriously. I love the fact that she has spunk and she says what she believes. I really respect her for that. I don’t know him, I don’t know the situation. If what is written is true, then it’s disgusting and awful. If it’s true, then they should be punished for it.”

Soon after Sonam’s statement, Kangana lashed out at Sonam and said,

“What does she mean by saying, “It’s hard to believe Kangana” When I am sharing my me too story, who gives her a right to judge me? So, Sonam Kapoor has the license of trusting some women and some she won’t.”

She continued lashing her and further said,

“What makes her so unsure of my claims, I am known to be an articulate person, I have represented my country in many international summits, I am called as a thought and youth influencer to these summits, I am not known because of my dad I have earned my place and credibility after struggling for a decade. She isn’t known to be a great actress; neither she has the reputation of being a good speaker…… What gives these filmy people right to take digs at me!!!! I will demolish each one of them.”

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