Entertainment Utterly Shocking Statement By Kangana Ranaut, Claims Got Threatened By Bollywood Biggies...

Utterly Shocking Statement By Kangana Ranaut, Claims Got Threatened By Bollywood Biggies In Hrithik Controversy

Recently Kangana again targeted Hrithik Roshan. In an interview, she said she got threatened by big Bollywood stars during her brawl with Hrithik Roshan. She said,

kangana ranaut

“I got invited by big Bollywood stars at their home. I got warned about if I utter any word against Hrithik they will spoil my career. But this is no long matters to me as it is over now.”

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Kangana further said,

“I suffered this low phase in my life but I never got scared. I never bothered about the fights, warnings, and controversies as I knew that I am right!”

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kangana claims she got threatened by bollywood biggies

A few days back also Kangana has talked over this matter where she told about the leak letters and whole matter. Famous in Bollywood scandals, Kangana-Hrithik controversy shut down without any climax. Actually, Kangana claimed that Hrithik and she were in a relationship and Hrithik sent her many emails. On this, Hrithik Roshan filed a complaint in a cyber cell that someone is sending emails to Kangana by using his name. 

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