Kangana Ranaut

The Padma Shri award-winning Bollywood actress has come under fire on social media for her statement, in which she said that the country’s independence in 1947 was a begging and the real independence came only after 2014. Actually Kangana Ranaut had reached a news channel program, where she gave this statement. A complaint has also been lodged against Kangana regarding this statement of her. This is not the first time that Kangana Ranaut has come into controversy… Even before this, some of her statements and social media posts have created a lot of uproar. In such a situation, let us know that how much is the wealth of the ‘Queen’ of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut?

Takes so much fee for a film

Kangana Ranaut’s name is included in those Bollywood actresses who have achieved a special place in the film industry on the basis of their acting, without any film background. According to information received from the website ‘CA Knowledge’, Kangana Ranaut has assets of around Rs 97 crore and she charges around Rs 11 crore for a film. The main source of Kangana’s income is films and brand promotion. Her fee for brand promotion is around 1.5 crore rupees.

Her Mansion worth about 20 crores

Kangana Ranaut hails from Himachal Pradesh and has a mansion in Manali, which is worth around Rs 20 crore. Kangana has a collection of many luxury vehicles including BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Benz. Apart from acting, Kangana Ranaut has also entered the line of film production and very soon the film ‘Tikoo Weds Sheru’ is coming under the banner of her production house ‘Manikarnika Films’. Kangana Ranaut is also included in Bollywood’s highest income tax paying actresses.

What did Kangana finally say about ‘Freedom’?

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s statement, which has created a ruckus on social media, she gave in a program of news channel Times Now. In this program, Kangana said, ‘The freedom that India got in 1947 was not freedom, but it was a begging. We got real freedom in 2014. Apart from Congress, BJP MP Varun Gandhi has also targeted Kangana regarding this statement of Kangana. Varun Gandhi has asked by tweeting whether it should be called madness or sedition?

Kangana told her planning for the next five years

During this program, Kangana Ranaut also made a big disclosure about her personal life. In fact, when Kangana was asked where she wants to see herself in the next five years, she said that during the next five years she wants to get married and have children. Kangana Ranaut said in gestures that there is someone in her life and very soon everyone will come to know about it.

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