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Kangana Ranaut Fired Karan Johar Says I Have Played Badass Card, Not Woman Or Victim

Kangana Ranaut Fired Karan Johar Says I Have Played Badass Card, Not Woman Or Victim


Karan Johar never leaves a chance to make headlines. He is a person who is omnipresent. Now his ongoing battle affair on Twitter with the queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut is grabbing all the highlights. He commented about Kangana that she played ‘woman and victim card’. 

On contrary to this Kangana has corrected his terminology in an interview. She said,

“I use every card possible. At the workplace, it’s the badass card to fight cutthroat competition. With my family and loved ones, it’s the love card. When fighting the world, it’s the dignity card, and for a seat on a bus, it’s the woman card,”

She also added further that,

“Why is Karan Johar trying to shame a woman for being a woman? This kind of talk is demeaning to all women”

Actually, the battle between these two started when Kangana was invited to the most controversial talk show of Karan Johar, Koffee With Karan. Where Kangana called Karan Johar the flag bearer of nepotism. She also called him movie mafia. 

karan johar commented on Kangana ranaut

In order to reply this, at an event in London last week, Karan Johar said he was done with Kangana. According to him, she plays a woman and victim card to gain sympathy and that if she thinks the industry is “so bad” she should leave. 

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Kangana took it seriously and now hits back to Karan’s statement by saying that she will play every possible card depending on the situation. She also said, “I am not fighting Karan Johar, I am fighting male chauvinism.”

karan johar and kangana ranaut

Twitter has been split down the middle, half taking Karan Johar’s side and the other criticizing his usage of the term ‘woman card.’

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