Kangana’s Retort On CM Uddhav’s Statement Of ‘Ganja Khet’


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has given a befitting reply to Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray who attacked her during the Dussehra rally on Sunday. Without naming Kangana, he said that ‘some people are trying to tarnish his image by calling Mumbai a place of drugs, but she is not aware that Ganja is actually supplied to the country (Kangana’s home state of Himachal Pradesh ) Where she grown up. ‘ 

Taking a strong dig at his remarks, the Queen actress stated the goodness of Himachal Pradesh and said that ‘Uddhav is not entitled to become CM’.

Calling Uddhav a ‘petty person’, she tweeted- “Himachal is called Dev Bhoomi where there are maximum number of temples.” Also, there is zero crime rate here. Apples, kiwis, pomegranates, strawberries etc. all grow in its fertile land. “

Kangana further wrote- “You should be ashamed of being the Chief Minister, as a public servant you are busy in such petty quarrels, using your power to humiliate and ruin people who do not agree with you.” You do not deserve the chair that you have gained by playing dirty politics. This is embarrassing. “

She further tweeted, “You should be ashamed of yourself chief minister, being a public servant you are indulging in petty fights, using your power to insult, damage and humiliate people who don’t agree with you, you don’t deserve the chair you have acquired by playing dirty politics. SHAME.”

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