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Married at 18 Divorced at 34 And Mother of 3 Children, Now This Famous Bollywood Celebrity is Dating Famous Writer Shobha De’s Son

‘Baby Doll’ singer Kanika Kapoor is in news now! She is dating someone and reveals this by posting a picture on her social media account. Her boyfriend is none other than the famous writer Shobha De’s son Aditya Kilachand. She shared Aditya’s photo and wrote,

‘Always in action @adityak77’

According to the news, Kanika and Aditya know each other from a very longtime. Not only this, last year they went to France together to spend quality time. Kanika is a mother of 3 children – 2 daughters and 1 son. She is raising them as a single mother. In 1997, when Kanika was 17 years old she married NRI businessman Raj Chandhok. In 2012 they got divorced.

She said once in an interview that her first marriage was a mistake as she was only 18 and was immature to understand what’s wrong and right. She said she met Raj, fell in love and got married to him and all that happened at sudden.

Initially, everything was a fairy tale to her but then with time she faced harsh realities. She gave birth to her third child at age 25 and after then decided to get divorced so that she can do what she aspired to be, i.e a singer.

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