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High Life Kannagi Khanna Captures The Beauty Of A "Hollywood'' Slum In Ahmedabad

Kannagi Khanna Captures The Beauty Of A “Hollywood” Slum In Ahmedabad

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‘Photos are a reflection of truth”, this statement is absolutely true, and Kannagi Khanna has proved it with her work. She is a photographer who has captured the reality of a slum called “Hollywood” in Ahmedabad.

kannagi Khanna
Kannagi Khanna

Image Credit – Better Photography

 Kannagi Khanna is a 23 years old graduate and a photographer, “Hollywood” is her first work in which she has captured the eternal beauty of a slum in Ahmedabad called “Hollywood”, there is a long story behind it but we will tell you in short actually originally the slum was named “Gulbai Tekra”, but the residents of the slum changed it’s name to Hollywood forty years ago because of the rustic beauty and glamour they felt the women of the area possessed and they are not lying.

Kannagi Khanna scarlett johansson
Image Credit : The big Indian picture

The simple unique expressions and glow these women’s have are more graceful than Bollywood or Hollywood actresses. Kannagi Khanna has proven it with her work, She has won several awards also. Kannagi Khanna also had shared as to how she discovered this slum, her father told her about this slum and after knowing about it as an artist she could not wait to work on this new project and throw light on this unique “Hollywood” slum.

Kannagi Khanna julia roberts
Image credit : The Indian big picture

 Kannagi Khanna wanted to capture two world’s apart, geographically, economically and culturally apart two sides of earth one Hollywood and second a slum called “Hollywood” in Ahmedabad. Kannagi Khanna decided to print out the Hollywood she wanted to present, all the famous Hollywood actresses posters she printed and women from Gulbai Tekra strike a pose as the actress in the poster.

Kannagi khanna kate winslet
Image Credit : The big Indian picture

Kannagi Khanna idea was out of the world and fresh.  It took three weeks to shoot for Kannagi Khanna but she is not satisfied, according to her 13 photos don not justice to the Gulbai Tekra women’s. Kannagi Khanna wants to shoot more, we are waiting for Kannagi to click some more amazing photos.


Kannagi Khanna Jennifer aniston
Image Credit : Big Indian picture

Kannagi Khanna kate hudson
Image Credit : Big Indian picture

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