India Kanpur Man Helps His Wife To Marry Her Boyfriend

Kanpur Man Helps His Wife To Marry Her Boyfriend

A man named Surjit of  Sanigwan village of Kanpur on Wednesday played host to the wedding when Sujit alias Golu helped solemnise the marriage of his wife -Shanti with her lover Ravi, a resident of Gosainganj area of Lucknow.

Surjit got married to Shanti on 19th February this year. Further, after living for a fortnight, Shanti, over some pretext left her in-law’s place for her parents’ place. But Shanti didn’t return to Surjit’s home for long when Surjit asked her question about not returning the home, she just skipped her questions. Afterwards, one day she broke her silence and told Surjit that she was married to him against her will and she loves a guy named Ravi from Lucknow and can’t live without him. So, Sujit planned their marriage and then apprised the local police about the plan,” said sources further. Afterwards, On Wednesday, they all assembled in front of Lord Hanuman temple in Sanigwan area of Chakeri for the wedding which also witnessed a huge number of guests.

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Moreover, Surjit met Ravi and he confessed that he was in a relationship with Shanti. So, did some extraordinary thing while living in rural area and set an example of understanding and kindness. He said “Initially, negative thoughts were coming to my mind and I even thought of eliminating both, but had I done this, the lives of three people, besides their families, would have got badly affected. So after discussing with elderly members of the family and locality, I came with a conclusion so that all of us can live happily,”So, we all should appreciate Surjit for his lovely gesture towards both the lovers and hope for his bright future ahead. Apart from this, His sacrifice is appreciable and he will remain in our thoughts for a long time ahead.

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