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Entertainment Kapil Sharma is Suffering Mental Depression, Taking High Dosage of 23 Types...

Kapil Sharma is Suffering Mental Depression, Taking High Dosage of 23 Types of Medicines Everyday

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Comedian Kapil Sharma is suffering from mental problem these days. Recently he abused the editor of a popular website. Since then, he is targeting by the media. Actually, Kapil has been suffering mental illness for a long time. His mental condition is worsening now, that he even canceled his new show just after one episode. With Kapil’s attitude, all his co-stars and friends are going away from him. His family is worried about his mental illness.

According to a close friend of Kapil,

“I’m working with from a long time but I never saw him in this condition ever before. He is so ill that he is recommended 23 types of medicines. He is spending his whole day lying on the bed. Perhaps. this is Kapil’s most stressful time.” 

He further added,

“He is tired of his work commitments and needs rest. He is not enjoying his work now. From past 1 year, nothing is going right in his life. Along with that, the negative views about him that are publishing in the media are also bothering him.”

To let you know, earlier Preeti Simoes Kapil’s rumored ex-girlfriend also spoke on this matter. She said that:

When I got up in the morning, I came to know about the defamation case has been filed against me. I’m shocked. I am very scared about his (Kapil) life, he is not mentally stable. I am with him for a long time. I know he is mentally ill. Kapil came to me many times, I was afraid that how he would handle himself. He was unable to handle his position. He made a wrong choice in his personal life and he has to live with it for a lifetime. I will always be his friend and will always pick up his phone whenever he wants to talk to me.”

She further added:

“He has repeatedly told me that he can not talk to me because of his fiancee Ginni. He has also blocked my number. Kapil also asked many times to me to come back and handle his work. But the problem is he talks and disappears. My whole team wants to help him and handle his work. But, how can we come forward? A time has come when I thought that he would do something wrong with his life (suicide). Ginni is holding Kapil’s life. If something wrong happens in Kapil’s life than I will not be responsible for this. I am very scared of this thought. I think he needs serials medical help because he is mentally sick.”


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