Karan Johar Hurts The People of Assam by Posting a Video, Now Apologises

Karan Johar is a successful filmmaker who has given a number of hit Bollywood films. He is currently seen judging the reality show India’s Got Talent. Highly active on the social media, he often shares fun videos from the sets of IGT. But recently, Karan Johar apologises for one of his recent videos.

In the video, uploaded by him on his Instagram account he can be seen on the sets of IGT with co-judge Kirron Kher. Kirron is seen wearing the Jappi (a traditional conical hat from Assam). Karan then asks her about wearing the Jappi to which Kirron replied, “People from Arunachal Pradesh have brought it for me and they have got this for you. Why are you not wearing your hat?” Then Karan quipped, “Because you have guts, I don’t.”

There was when thing became insensitive via Karan’s side, he told Kirron that she is looking like someone who is going break into some kind of qawwali. To which she replied, “How can I break into a qawwali in a bamboo hat. What’s wrong with you? You don’t know the states of this country.”

As soon as the video goes viral, people criticise him disrespecting the cultural sentiments of people from the Northeast. A Twitter user commented,

Karan then realized his mistake and apologised, he wrote,