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Karan Johar Lashed Out at This Superstar Actor For Secretly Checking His Messages on Phone




The Bollywood’s ace director and producer Karan Johar got irked by someone recently. The person who made him lose his cool is none other than Bollywood’s heartthrob actor Ranbir Kapoor. KJo recently joined hands with a leading FM channel as a “love guru” who gives relationship advice to people. While KJo gets to do his famous rapid fire round with the callers, the callers will also do the same with him.

While playing this rapid fire round, KJo revealed that once he got angry with Ranbir and blasted him. Apparently, Ranbir took his phone and read all his messages, and that annoyed Karan. On asking what he thinks is the most important thing in a relationship, he told,

“Privacy. I think you can’t cross this boundary as this is the most important one.”

When further asked,

“Which Bollywood star has no boundaries?”

Karan named Ranbir Kapoor.

Further elaborating on how Ranbir checked his phone once,

“I shouted at him but he managed to break the code of my phone. I changed that code and he even got that code. So, I don’t know how he manages that but I think he works for the company that makes my phones.”

He was also asked which Bollywood couple needs to set better relationship boundaries. Karan: “Anyone who is in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor.”

Well, apart from this incident, Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor are pretty good friends.